Call For Paper: JP 99 Women and Economy


Neoliberalism has became a systemic framework and power behind globalization since the 1970s. The emerged globalization is then characterized by pro-market regulations that emphasize deregulation, privatization, abolition of social security, and the withdrawal of government’ssocial role. Globalization is also linked with the relocation of production from the advanced capitalist countries to low-wage countries, which creates new economic zones. Although it is said that globalization has created economics growth, undeniably economic gap has widened, corruptions endure, environmental destruction worsened, and financial crisis continues to threaten the world economy. In East Asia region, a big financial crisis happened on 1997. In Indonesia, the financial crises expanded and affecting various aspects, which later corresponded with the 1998 reformation wave. The latest and big financial crisis in 2008 also further impacting numbers of developed countries.

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